CS100 Identification and Intervention in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

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Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is a type of human trafficking that includes any sexual activity involving a child in exchange for something of value, or promise thereof, including money, shelter, food, drugs, etc. CSEC is related to a number of issues, including child sexual abuse (CSA) and sexual exploitation of children (SEC). As awareness of human trafficking has increased, there are a growing number interventions that prevent CSEC and provided services to survivors. This course provides an introduction and overview in the identification and intervention in CSEC, including impacts of CSEC, common signs, assessing risk, CSEC in foster care, and CSEC from a public health perspective. This course is especially suitable for students and professionals working in child-care, teachers, foster care agencies, and health care workers.

  1. Introduction to CSEC

  2. History of Human Trafficking

  3. Impacts of CSEC on Children

  4. Impacts of CSEC on Communities

  5. Assessing Risk and Vulnerability

  6. Utilising the Community-Based Risk Assessment Tool

  7. Identification and Intervention

  8. CSEC in Foster Care

  9. Identifying and Targeting Stakeholders in the Service Industry 

  10. Human Trafficking from a Public Health Perspective

  11. Human Trafficking from an Economics Perspective

  12. Developing Effective Organizational Policies to Combat CSEC


June 28th – August 6th

Lecture Hrs/Week



April 28th 2021

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