CS100 Identification and Intervention in the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Therapy Session

Class Description

  1. Introduction to CSEC

  2. History of Human Trafficking

  3. Impacts of CSEC

  4. Assessing Risk and Vulnerability

  5. Utilising the Community-Based Risk Assessment Tool

  6. Identification and Intervention

  7. Border Monitoring

  8. Identifying and Targeting Stakeholders in the Service Industry 

  9. Human Trafficking from a Health Perspective

  10. Human Trafficking from an Economics Perspective

  11. Modelling Human Trafficking

  12. Common Debates and Media


This course runs from June 28th to August 6th 2021. Lectures are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4pm BST. 


  • In-person at SJRC

  • Online


June 28th – August 6th


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.​

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