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Dr. Clark Jensen


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As a humanitarian, entrepreneur, minister, and non-profit consultant, I have significant experience in the nonprofit sector. I have lived and worked extensively overseas including eight years in India, three years in Nepal, three years in the United Kingdom and one year in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The central interest of this career has been focused upon at-risk children, their families and communities. This includes protecting children from institutionalisation, preventing girl-child trafficking, and preserving families by providing disaster relief and empowering local approaches to development in impoverished communities. I have also worked with multiple community organisations to bring social awareness and sustainable solutions through creating and delivering culture/value change messages and tools. After working for over 25 years in the pastoral and non-profit sectors, I am motivated to assist non-profit organisations in order to maximise outcomes and to mentor the next generation of non-profit professionals. I am the founder of Global Family Care Network, Envision Business Solutions, Hope Alliance, and FREE Nepal.

Research Interests

  • Applied anthropology in developing non-profit best practices

  • Community-based development

  • Practical missiology

  • Social and cultural anthropology

  • The anthropology of Christianity and religion


  • PhD Social and Cultural Anthropology, University College London

  • MA Cultural Anthropology, California State University

  • BA Cultural Anthropology, California State University

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