FC100 Fundamentals of Charitable Organisations

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This course will provide you with the basics of forming an NGO, establishing governance, developing strategy as well as on-going management of an NGO. Students will be taught theory yet will also be expected to put theory into practice by developing actual documentation for an NGO s/he is currently contemplating forming or a fictitious NGO. Students will have the opportunity to practice facilitating their strategy formation in the ‘safe’ environment of the classroom so that s/he will have learned from the typical mistakes before s/he needs to do it in the real world. 


​You will:


  • Understand principles of when and how to form an NGO.

  • Learn how to establish governance of an NGO including the fundamentals of board management.

  • Learn how to create and maintain the organisational culture which best suits your particular charitable organisation.

  • Understand the difference between governance and management including who is responsible for what and how to ensure people ‘stay in their respective lanes’, even for those people who serve in roles for both governance and management.

  • Discover how to create meeting agendas and facilitate meetings that get results.

  • Learn how to develop strategy—from Mission, Vision and Values to multi-year objectives to short-term operational plans.

  • Learn tactics of how to measure and monitor long-, medium-, and short-term strategy that focuses people’s efforts.

  • Understand the basics of developing role descriptions that aid in keeping people focused on what is important.


  • In-person at SJRC

  • Online


June 28th – August 6th


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.​


This course runs from June 28th to August 6th 2021. Lectures are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 2-4pm BST. 

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