GM100 Introduction to Gospel Mission

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Class Description


This course will provide a review of current approaches to missiology within the international Christian community. It will then explore conversion within the paradigm of exchange, and ethical concerns that are raised in localisation and proselytism. We will then delve into new perspectives on Paul, the God's Agenda Gospel, and rethinking mission in the context of conversion, discipleship, kingdom, and development. This course will provide attendees with the tools and frameworks needed for missions work today. 


Monday September 13th

2-4pm, SJRC

Monday September 20th

2-4pm, SJRC

Monday September 27th

2-4pm, SJRC

Monday October 4th

2-4pm, SJRC

Monday October 11th

2-4pm, SJRC

Monday October 18th

2-4pm, SJRC

1. Introduction

2. Previous Approaches


3. Understanding Conversion and Mission as Exchange

4. Ethical Concerns

5. New Perspectives on Paul and the God's Agenda Gospel


6. Rethinking Mission: Conversion, Discipleship, Kingdom, and Development


Online & In-Person