Symposium on Modern Slavery

The 2022 Symposium on Modern Slavery will present a wide range of topics related to three key emerging tenets of the global fight against Modern Slavery, including modern slavery in the United Kingdom, diversifying practice and emerging policy, and innovations in the field. 

St. James Research Centre

Training the next generation of international aid workers

Established by Global Family Care Network in Scotland. Our goal is to equip leaders to conduct research and implement programmes in community-based development, prevention of modern slavery, rehabilitation and psycho-therapeutic programmes for victims of human trafficking, and orphan care.




Our class sizes never exceed 30 with most classes averaging 20 students.

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We strategically target students and nonprofit leaders to ensure we have diverse classrooms.

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SJRC is the official trainer for Global Family, the Daughter Project, and Direct Good.

We aim to innovate and implement sustainable solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

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Social Intervention and Sustainable Development

Students who are interested in missions work and international development, missionaries, and global workers

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Therapeutic Approaches for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children


For researchers and practitioners who want to implement anti-trafficking interventions and policy

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Child and Family Social Care

Fundamental principles and frameworks for implementing foster and family care programmes for at-risk youth and families

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Community-Based Charitable Organisation

Approaches and strategies for the implementation of charitable work, including community-based development

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