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CSEC Theory and Policy

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This online course is designed for practitioners and professionals dedicated to making a significant impact in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking. Through four enlightening lectures, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of anti-modern slavery policies, the intersection of CSEC and foster care, human trafficking from both public health and economics perspectives. This multidimensional approach equips you with the tools and insights needed to address this complex issue effectively. Upon completing this course, you'll be better equipped to address modern slavery and human trafficking comprehensively. Whether you work in law enforcement, social services, healthcare, or policymaking, this course empowers you with a multidimensional perspective, enabling you to develop and implement effective strategies for prevention, victim support, and prosecution. Join us in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking, making a difference in the lives of survivors and contributing to a safer world. Course Lectures: 1. Anti-Modern Slavery Policies 2. CSEC and Foster Care 3. Human Trafficking from a Public Health Perspective 4. Human Trafficking from an Economics Perspective

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