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About SJRC

Our goal is to create an international community of practice dedicated to developing innovative solutions for social intervention and policy.


SJRC faculty and advisors are experienced academics and practitioners in international development, combatting modern slavery, and the institution of family care systems.



We are located in Falkirk, Scotland. Our office, trainings, and student accommodation are at St. James Church, built in 1898, and just a short walk from Falkirk’s downtown and restaurants, shopping, gyms, and a movie theatre.

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St. James Research Centre is connected to a global network of experienced professionals in the field of community-based development, anti-trafficking prevention and rehabilitation programming, orphan care, and evaluation.


Global Family incorporates evidence-based approaches to preventing trafficking and abuse, strengthening families and communities, providing services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and training caregivers. Our approaches are consistent with published and peer-reviewed studies, ​which we consistently review and incorporate.

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