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SJRC provides a limited amount of accommodation at the research centre. We are located in Falkirk, Scotland. Our office, trainings, and student accommodation are at St. James Church, built in 1898, and just a short walk from Falkirk’s downtown and restaurants, shopping, gyms, and a movie theatre. Falkirk has two train stations, Falkirk Grahamston and Falkirk High, both of which have regular trains to Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as north to Stirling, Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen. Accommodation consists of shared rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a shared kitchen.


All students share a kitchen and a common living area. 

Women's shared room, shared bathroom

Men's shared room, shared bathroom

GBP 100/week

GBP 100/week


Accommodation will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. If the SJRC is full, we can provide recommendations on where to stay in Falkirk and the surrounding areas. Note on your application that you are applying for SJRC accommodation, we will notify you whether you have been allocated accommodation shortly afterwards. SJRC also offers scholarships to help you pay for courses and accommodation, which you can apply for when you submit your initial application as well. 

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