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St. James Research Centre

A Community Space in the Heart of Falkirk


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St. James Church was originally built in 1898, and for many years served as a Church of Scotland parish. It sits opposite Victoria Park and is located near Falkirk’s central retail park, only a 15-minute walk away from the Falkirk Grahamston train station. The church consists of a main hall, lesser hall, front office, kitchen, courtyard, and temporary accommodation rooms.


St. James has, since its foundation, been a key part of community and development here in Falkirk, and our mission is to revamp and to revitalise the church building!



Global Family Care Network (SCIO) is an international non-profit organisation. Our aim is to protect children and preserve families, and we work in nine countries globally implementing community-based development projects, preventing abuse and exploitation, and providing rehabilitation services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE).



In 2018, we started working in Scotland and have turned St. James Church into St. James Research Centre (SJRC). The aims and objectives of SJRC are to:


  1. Provide evidence-based training and courses to students and practitioners in community-based development, family care, modern slavery, and rehabilitation

  2. Build an international community of practice that will promote, implement, and disseminate knowledge around best practice approaches in family and community strengthening

  3. Serve as a community space for youth clubs, women’s groups, and local associations to gather



We have had great success in renovating parts of the main hall, putting in glass dividers to create a meeting room and a lab. We have also renovated the kitchen, main office, and temporary living spaces for students and practitioners. Our next project is to redesign the main hall and lesser hall to create community spaces that students, youth, and local associations can use! The funds provided will create:


  1. A library

  2. Lecture areas for community events and conferences

  3. Play and organising areas for youth clubs and local groups



To finish the community space, we need to raise GBP 20,000! Please help us out and be a part of this amazing journey.


  • For GBP 100 donation, we’ll send you a personalised thank you card

  • For GBP 750 donation, we’ll send you a personalised thank you card and you can choose to enrol in one of our courses for free

  • For GBP 2,500 donation, we’ll send you a personalised thank you card, you can choose to enrol in one of our courses for free, and we will list you as an official partner on our website

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