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TIC Part 1: Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care

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Course Title: TIC Part 1: Foundations of Trauma-Informed Care Course Description: This dynamic online course is designed for practitioners and professionals seeking to make a real impact on the lives of survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). With a focus on understanding trauma, building trauma-informed organizations, and providing rehabilitative care, this course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. Course Lectures: 1. Rehabilitative Care for Survivors of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC): Explore the unique challenges and vulnerabilities faced by survivors of CSEC and learn evidence-based strategies for providing rehabilitative care, including therapeutic interventions, support systems, and empowerment. 2. What is Trauma? Gain a deep understanding of trauma, its various forms, and its impact on individuals. Explore the neuroscience of trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and their long-term effects. 3. Building a Trauma-Informed Organization: Discover how to transform your organization into a safe and supportive environment. Learn to implement trauma-informed policies, practices, and culture to create lasting positive change. 4. Frameworks for Trauma-Informed Care: Dive into trauma-informed care models and best practices and explore trauma-sensitive approaches, trauma-responsive.

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