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Upon enrolling in a course at St. James Research Centre (SJRC), a student enters into a legal agreement under common law in which they agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment in exchange for the services offered by SJRC. All fee refunds shall be paid in accordance with this policy and any other relevant terms and conditions. The decision of the Director and the Board of Directors shall be final. Please note that SJRC cannot be held liable for changes in your circumstances.


If a student wishes to cancel or change their enrolment, and as a measure of goodwill, SJRC will allow the following options. Please apply in writing to if you would like to request any of the following.


Cancellation Policy


Students wishing to cancel their enrolment must submit notification of withdrawal in writing within 14 days of the confirmation of enrolment. To apply for a cancellation, the student should complete the cancellation form below and send it to SJRC accepts no responsibility for and will not be liable for non-receipt of messages or transmissions.


Refund Policy


Your completed enrolment form acts as confirmation of acceptance, and commitment to, paying all fees. Refunds may be granted in the event a cancellation form is submitted within 14 days of the confirmation of enrolment. If course materials have already been sent to the student, they must be returned before the refund can be processed. Failure to return course materials in a timely manner will result in the cancellation of all refund processes. In the event an assignment has already been submitted and returned, a refund will not be issued.


Deferments and Course Changes


Deferments may be granted at the discretion of SJRC. Application for a deferment or course change must be submitted via the forms below. Please complete and send to

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