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Responsibility for class attendance rests with the student. Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled classes is expected.


To earn course credit and/or a certificate from St. James Research Centre (SJRC), a student must attend at least 75 percent of all scheduled class meetings. Any student who does not meet this minimum standard will automatically receive a grade of “F”, or fail, in the course.    


The instructor determines the effect of regular absences on grades consistent with this policy. When absences jeopardise a student’s standing in a class, it is the responsibility of the instructor to report that fact to the Director.


Any student absent for SJRC-related business may be allowed to make up missed work within a reasonable span or time or have alternative grades substituted for work due to an excused absence.


In case of an illness that will require an absence from class for more than one week, the student should notify his/her instructor.

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