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Equality and Diversity Policy

I. Introduction

It is the policy of Global Family Care Network (SCIO) and St. James Research Centre (SJRC) (hereafter referred to as “Global Family”) to promote equality and diversity and to eradicate discrimination on unlawful and unfair grounds as required under the Equality Act (2010). Global Family is committed to ensuring that no-one is disadvantaged as a consequence of their age, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, family responsibilities, marital status, pregnancy, religion, political belief, or sexual orientation.


Global Family commits to:


  • Meet the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duties and the Scottish Specific Duties for Equality;

  • Embrace a positive attitude towards the promotion of equality;

  • Embed equality and diversity into both academic and non-academic induction and training courses;

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the depth that people from diverse backgrounds bring to Global Family; and

  • Eliminate discrimination and prejudice by empowering people to treat others with respect.


II. Implementation


Global Family is committed to creating and promoting a working and learning environment where everyone is treated with respect. The Director ensures that all staff are aware of their responsibilities through training and the periodic dissemination of this policy as well as other relevant materials.


III. Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the Director to:


  • Ensure that Global Family has an effective Equality and Diversity Policy;

  • Review the effectiveness and use of the Equality and Diversity Policy;

  • Ensure that Global Family’s Equality and Diversity Policy is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure compliance with statutory obligations;

  • Remain informed of significant changes in legislation and emerging issues and trends that affect equality and diversity;

  • Ensure that responsibility for equality and diversity is properly assigned; and

  • Create a culture of engagement with equality and diversity issues amongst staff and students.


It is the responsibility of managers, and anyone with a supervisory role, to:


  • Provide equality and diversity information to staff and students;

  • Ensure that all activities under their control are carried out in compliance with Global Family’s Equality and Diversity Policy and professional, statutory, and regulatory body requirements as necessary;

  • Ensure that all direct reports are aware of, and comply with, Global Family’s Equality and Diversity Policy; and

  • Ensure that all contractors and non-employees working withing Global Family’s premises are aware of, and comply with, Global Family’s Equality and Diversity Policy.


It is the responsibility of individuals to:


  • Be aware of, and comply with, Global Family’s Equality and Diversity Policy;

  • Treat each person with respect;

  • Report concerns regarding equality and diversity to their managers;

  • Eliminate discrimination, advance equality amongst all, and promote good relations with other staff members and students; and

  • Co-operate with Global Family in complying with regulatory requirements or other duties imposed by relevant legislation.


IV. Compliance and Reporting Concerns


Concerns or complaints about non-compliance with this policy should be made to Global Family using the Complaints and Grievances procedures. Non-compliance of this policy by staff or students may result in disciplinary actions depending on the severity of the non-compliance.

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