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GSEI Financial Agreement and Contract

  1. GSEI Programme commences ___________________ and ends on _______________________

  2. I understand the hostel style housing costs 100.00GBP/week; total housing fees due for the duration of the internship are ___________GBP 

  3. To guarantee housing at SJRC I will pay all housing fees one month before the internship commencement date; Failure to pay by ___________ 2024 may result in withdrawal of housing 

  4. To hold a bed space at SJRC I will pay a non-refundable deposit of 295.00GBP; deposit payment will be deducted from total housing fees 

  5. I will pay an additional refundable housing damage deposit of 100.00GBP one month before arrival; this will be returned on departure of SJRC provided there are no damages 

  6. I understand once the housing fees are paid I am committing to the program and will be liable for all housing fees; no refunds will be issued 

  7. If required, once non-refundable deposit is received, SJRC can supply Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for a charity worker visa; CoS will be valid for agreed period of internship; 

  8. I confirm I meet the eligibility requirements for the charity worker visa; Further details can be found at the following link:;  

  9. Should my visa application be unsuccessful housing fees paid are non-refundable; 

  10. Failure to comply with conditions and prescriptions of the visa will result in withdrawal from the GSEI programme and the representatives of Global Family Care Network will inform UK immigration immediately of non-compliance 

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