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GSI Terms and Conditions


  1. A non-refundable deposit of 295.00 GBP is required within seven days to secure place and Certificate of Sponsorship. This deposit will be applied to monthly fees.

  2. A refundable housing deposit of 100.00 GBP is required before arrival. This will be returned on departure of St. James Research Centre (SJRC) and Global Family Care Network (GFCN) provided there are no damages. 

  3. Fees will be charged at 545.00 GBP per month for six months. A 10% discount is applied if six months are paid in full before arrival.

  4. The first three months' fees of 1,635.00 GBP are required one week before arrival. If payment is not received before arrival, the Certificate of Sponsorship will be withdrawn.

  5. Fees include accommodation at SJRC. Should SJRC be fully booked, accommodation will not be included and a 20% discount will be applied.

  6. Fees include one SJRC course, and additional courses are discounted by 75%.

  7. GSIs will be liable for the full six months of fees once the internship has commenced.

  8. There is a referral bonus of 300.00 GBP which is applied upon full payment of referral. 


  1. If required, SJRC will supply a Certificate of Sponsorship for the GSI's visa application once the initial deposit is paid. The Certificate of Sponsorship will be valid for the agreed period of internship, six months. 

  2. If the GSI departs the internship programme early, SJRC is mandated, as a licensed sponsor, to report this to UK Visas and Immigration. 

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