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CS400 Caring for Children with Trauma



This course will provide a deep-dive into the implementation of trauma-informed interventions and frameworks in rehabilitation programmes for survivors of child sexual exploitation, abuse, and human trafficking. It will explore current frameworks and theoretical foundations for trauma-informed care, trauma-informed interventions, and evidence-based therapeutic approaches. This course is suited for students with any level of knowledge on human trafficking, and is specifically targeted towards social workers, foster care agencies, health care professionals, Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP), and anti-human trafficking researchers and professionals.​

This course can be taken for a certificate or audited. For a certificate, you will participate in weekly reflection papers and a final assignment. If you are auditing this course, you will only need to attend lectures.


Course Outline


  1. Rehabilitative Care for Survivors of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC)

  2. What is Trauma?

  3. Building a Trauma-Informed Organisation

  4. Frameworks for Trauma-Informed Care

  5. Theory of Aspirational Self-Alterity

  6. Screening, Assessment, and Motivational Interviewing

  7. Treatment Planning

  8. Crisis Intervention

  9. Evidence-Based Therapeutic Approaches

  10. Art, Play, and Positive Thinking: Non-Verbal Therapeutic Approaches

  11. Identifying and Responding to Secondary Trauma

  12. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)



July 2nd to July 19th 2024

Lectures Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 3pm BST




You are eligible to join as an undergraduate or graduate level student enrolled in a university, or a student who is entering or who has just finished an academic programme. B2 English (Upper Intermediate) ESL proficiency certificate or equivalent proficiency in the English language is required. 




  • In-Person at St. James Research Centre (SJRC) in Falkirk, Scotland - GBP 1175 
  • Online Learning - GBP 750*


* UK nationals receive a 70% discount on all courses (use code 'SJRCUK' at checkout)
* Students who enrol in online courses and do not require USA university credit and transcript receive a 70% discount (use code 'SJRCDISCOUNT' at checkout)

CS400 Caring for Children with Trauma

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